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Abstract Indoor Outdoor Stainless Steel  Metal Sculpture - "G70 With Round Stand"

Lawrenceville, Georgia

This is an original hand formed metal sculpture that was designed and built by me, Richard Walker.  I put an enormous amount of time and effort into these pieces to make sure that they are the finest sculptures that are available anywhere.  Each piece is completely hand cut and precision welded.  As you can see, they are three dimensional.  This piece is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  When you take a close look at these pieces you can see how all the time, effort, and high quality materials make these pieces stand apart from all the rest.  

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 Custom - depends on stand

Stainless Steel Construction

100% Stainless Steel,  Precisely Hand Cut and Expertly Welded.  Extremely sturdy construction.  The base is built out of steel plate.

Sculpture Colors   Natural stainless
 Paint Details

This piece is unpainted

Indoor / Outdoor

This sculpture is designed to be placed indoors or outdoors.  

Original Design

These sculptures are designed, built, and painted by me, Richard Walker.  All pieces are signed and dated.  

Options   Many more colors are also   available.  Please see my Color Selection  Page.  --Additional charges apply--

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This is a popular combination of my sculpture G70 and a round stand.  The base shown in the photos below is 18 inches tall.  I think that the round bottom plate on the base is the ideal choice for this sculpture.  The sculpture itself if 36 inches tall by about 12 inches wide.  Build costs for pieces like this depend on which base you choose and the desired height of the sculpture.  Just let me know what you would like and I will email you a quote.  

This piece can be also be built with a flat steel base, either round or square.  I recommend the round plate.

G70 Design Details:

As with all my sculptures, it is built out of stainless steel.  This piece is not painted and has a hand textured bare stainless finish.  I used a sweeping texture on the larger outer spiral and an overlapping pattern on the smaller ribbons.  It is a very sturdy piece that has a fully welded construction and a larger diameter center stainless steel bar.  After welding this piece together, it takes me a couple days to hand polish and smooth the numerous welds connecting all the ribbons.  It usually take me 2-3 weeks to build this design. 

Many of my other sculptures can also be built with this hand textured stainless finish. 

Sculpture Bases and Stands:  I have an entire page set up that shows optional bases and stands for these sculptures.  Take a look at the Sculpture Bases and Stands Here.  The stone bases are no longer offered.


G70 With Round Stand

The photos below are of another sculpture of the same design: