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Contemporary Metal Art Sculpture C3

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Stainless Steel Construction

100% Stainless Steel,  Precisely Hand Cut and Expertly Welded.  Extremely sturdy construction.

Sculpture Colors   This piece has a hand textured stainless steel finish
 Paint Details

No paint was used on this piece.

Wall Mounting -- Indoors

This sculpture comes ready to hang.  Sculptures are designed to be mounted Indoors.  Mounting hardware is included!  All you need is a Hammer to hang these on your wall!

Original Design

These sculptures are designed, built, and painted by me, Richard Walker.  All pieces are signed and dated.  

Authenticity   This piece comes engraved with signature and date 
Options   This piece can be custom built in larger sizes.  Many more colors are also   available.  Please see my Color Selection Page.  --Additional charges apply--
Prices / Sizes
16" tall  x 14" wide by 2.5" deep
$399 + 18s/h


Galleries:  Large Pieces, Metallic Blue Designs, Metallic Red Designs, Mountain Landscapes, Silver Designs, Gloss Black Designs, Lighted Designs, Textured Finish Pieces, Freeform Designs, Table Top Pieces, Round Bar Designs, Drawing Gallery, Mosaic Gallery

Design C3 - New for 2012

This is a new sculpture design for 2012.  It is a snowflake inspired contemporary design that can be displayed year round.  It is built entirely out of stainless steel.  There are more than 26 precision hand cut pieces that make up this design.  The central flat silver colored panels that make up the star are unpainted hand textured stainless steel.  The remainder of the piece is constructed out of straight and curved stainless rod.  Each piece is hand bent and then mitered to fit before welding.  Notice how the 5 pieces that extend from the center to the points of the star are curved.  There are also legs on the back side of the sculpture that make it stand away from the wall.  A lot of time is spent getting everything to fit just right before carefully welding, smoothing the welds, and then polishing.    

Prices and sizes are listed above.  If you need a larger size just let me know.   

In the last two photos you can see this sculpture mounted above a fireplace.  It was actually hung from the mantle and does not attach directly to the stacked stone.  The sculpture could be easily wall mounted as well.