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Contemporary Metal Wall Art Sculpture "14S Custom"

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Stainless Steel Construction

100% Stainless Steel,  Precisely Hand Cut and Expertly Welded.  Extremely sturdy construction.

Sculpture Colors   Textured copper and silver with natural stainless
 Paint Details

Textured painted finished and unpainted stainless

Wall Mounting -- Indoors

This sculpture comes ready to hang.  Sculptures are designed to be mounted Indoors.  Mounting hardware is included!  All you need is a Hammer to hang these on your wall!

Original Design

These sculptures are designed, built, and painted by me, Richard Walker.  All pieces are signed and dated.  

Authenticity   This piece comes engraved with signature and date 
Options   This piece can be custom built in larger sizes.  Many more colors are also   available.  Please see my Color Selection Page.  --Additional charges apply--
Prices / Sizes
24" x 24" 20" x 20" 16"  x 16"
Custom Custom Custom

30x30 is the largest that I build this design

This piece stands away from the wall about 2 inches


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This is a very interesting take on design 14S.  It is built entirely out of stainless steel like the original 14S, but colors have been used to give it an entirely different look.  This was a custom built piece but I wanted to show it on my website to inspire other ideas.  I am always open to doing custom variations or sizes of the pieces shown on this site.  Colors can easily be changed on the sculptures shown here to create the perfect design for your space.

In addition to adding colors, the weave pattern is slightly different.  The colors used were sand textured black and textured copper.  The accent stripe was unpainted hand textured stainless steel.

There is a stainless steel framework on the back side of this piece that makes it stand about two inches away from the wall.  This sculpture is welded together on the back side.  A wall hanger is included for easy hanging.  When hung on the wall, the hanger is hidden. 

I can build the 14S design in sizes up to 30 x 30 inches.  The original unpainted version can be seen here: 14S Original

14S Custom