Original Line Drawings and Collages
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Original abstract line drawings 

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These drawings were all originally done in pen.  They were drawn using kinetic perpetual motion.  Each drawing is comprised of a single line.  The pen stayed in contact with the paper from start to finish.  What is really amazing about these drawings is that no computer was used to create them!  Prints up to 48" wide are available.  The prints use archival inks and paper.  The inks used are designed to last 100 years without fading.  We laminate each print with a high gloss laminate for further protection.  Each drawing is different.  At the bottom of this page is a chart with the ideal printing dimensions for each design.

Please note that the website address is for the photos on this website only, the prints do not have that and are much higher quality than the photos shown here.  Walker Art was my old website.


Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Drawing 3
Drawing 4 Drawing 5 Drawing 6
Drawing 7 Drawing 8 Drawing 9
Drawing 10 Drawing 11 Drawing 12
Drawing 13 Drawing 14 Drawing 15
Drawing 16 Drawing 17  
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