Original Contemporary Metal Wall Art by Richard Walker

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---- Master Directory of Sculptures by Richard Walker ----

Gallery 1 - Metal Wall Art

I currently have 8 pages of my metal wall art designs.  Each photo below takes you to a different gallery

contemporary metal wall art contemporary metal wall art metallic red metal wall art sculpture mountain landscape metal wall art
Large Metal Wall Art Metallic Blue Metal Wall Art Metallic Red Metal Wall Art Mountain Metal Wall Art

contemporary metal wall art

contemporary metal wall art

lighted metal wall art

contemporary textured metal wall art

Silver Metal Wall Art Gloss Black Metal Wall Art Lighted Metal Wall Art Textured Metal Wall Art

Abstract Wall Sculptures - All abstract designs in the same place


Gallery 2 - Free Standing Stainless Sculptures (Indoor/Outdoor)

This gallery showcases my larger free standing sculptures.  Click the photo below to see all the designs.

Gallery 2B - 21 Additional Free Standing Sculptures


Gallery 3 - Table Top Sculptures - Free Standing

The photo below takes you to my free standing table top sculptures.  Many of these designs are geometric.


Gallery 3B - A few more Table Top Designs


Gallery 4 - 24" Table Top Abstract Sculptures

The photo below takes you to my smaller free standing abstract sculptures.  


Gallery 5 - Round-bar Sculptures

These were some of the first sculptures that I designed.  They are constructed out of steel round bar and come in a variety of styles.


Gallery 6 - Drawings

In addition to stainless steel sculptures, I have also done some drawings.  Click the photo below to see the gallery.


Lawrenceville, Georgia