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Outdoor Steel / Metal Quail Sculptures

Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Sculpture Colors   Natural brown and tan
 Paint Details


Indoor / Outdoor

This sculpture is designed to be placed indoors   


These sculptures are designed, built, and painted by me, Richard Walker.  All pieces are signed and dated.  


This was a custom order


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These are a pair of quail sculptures that I built for a client to go outdoors.  They were designed to mount on the posts on either side of an entry gate.  At the base of each sculpture a black steel cradle that fits over the posts and the bolts can go all the way through to secure them.  I used heavy gauge steel plate for the sculptures themselves.  I started by sketching out the design with the idea of making the key details three dimensional.  Every piece was hand cut with a torch and then hand ground and finished.  I made steel extension pieces that allowed all the cut out detail elements to be placed in front of the background to make the pieces three dimensional.  They were heavily constructed sculptures.  I coated them in natural colored textured brown and sand colored paints.