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Contemporary Stainless Steel  Metal Wall Art Sculpture 58L

Lawrenceville, Georgia

This is an original hand formed metal wall sculpture that was designed and built by me, Richard Walker.  I put an enormous amount of time and effort into these pieces to make sure that they are the finest sculptures that are available anywhere.  Each piece is completely hand cut and precision welded.  As you can see, they are three dimensional.  These sculptures stand off of the wall and are designed to allow light to pass through them.  Another thing you will notice is the finish.  Only the highest quality paints are used.  All the colors are custom mixed and can not be found anywhere else.  Hours are spent painstakingly hand polishing these pieces to a mirror finish.  The depth and clarity of these finishes are unbelievable.  When you take a close look at these pieces you can see how all the time, effort, and high quality materials make these pieces stand apart from all the rest.  

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Prices and sizes listed below

Stainless Steel Construction

100% Stainless Steel,  Precisely Hand Cut and Expertly Welded.  Extremely sturdy construction.

Sculpture Colors   Hand textured stainless steel
 Paint Details

Mirror Finish -- The paint is painstakingly polished to a Mirror Finish -- The gloss is so deep that these pieces look Wet

Wall Mounting -- Indoors

This sculpture comes ready to hang.  Sculptures are designed to be mounted Indoors.  Mounting hardware is included!  All you need is a Hammer to hang these on your wall!

Original Design

These sculptures are designed, built, and painted by me, Richard Walker.  All pieces are signed and dated.  

Options   This piece can be custom built in larger sizes.  Many more colors are also   available.  Please see my Color Selection Page.  --Additional charges apply--
48.5" x 14.25" 36" x 10.5"
$580 + 45s/h $315 + 35s/h

This piece stands away from the wall 1.75 inches.


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This piece is available with the clear coated gloss finish as shown, or without the clear-coat for a more organic look.


This piece is built entirely out of stainless steel.  It is three dimensional and stands away from the wall about 1.75 inches.  Each piece is precision cut and expertly welded together.  There are over 30 welds on this piece that have to be hand ground.  I make these pieces as rigid as possible, especially in larger sizes.  On the back side of this piece is a solid stainless steel framework that holds everything together.  The wall hanger is hidden behind the center panel.  

The five panels that make up the majority of this piece are hand textured stainless steel that has been clear-coated and polished to have a gloss.  I used polished stainless steel round bar as accents between each of the panels.  These round-bar pieces actually run the entire length of the piece on the back side.  After hand texturing the panels, multiple layers of the highest quality  automotive grade clear coat are applied.  After the paint is cured it literally takes days to hand polish the finish in a 5 stage process.  The finish is amazing.

For a more organic look this piece can be done without the clear coat.  I can email you photos of a design without the clear-coat.   

Please see the links above for more variations and more photos of this design.  Sizes ranging from 36" up to 48.5" are available.  Prices are listed above.  Please contact me for custom orders or variations of this design.


Sculpture 58L

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